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STR type 12÷24 kV – short time current 25 kA x 3 sec., making capacity/peak current up to 63 kA

SDTR type 36 kV - short time current 31.5 kA x 3 sec., making capacity/peak current up to 81.2 kA

Comply with CEI EN / IEC 62271-1 and 62271-102 standards.

• three pole earthing switches with making capacity (STR and SDTR type)
• they assure operator safety
• quick making operation, independent of the operator’s speedness
• vertical installation
• frame made of zinc-chromium plated steel-sheet
• reliable spring closing mechanism
• over-rated contacts
• insulating phase barriers (where requested) in polycarbonate
• anti-track epoxy resin insulators
• operating shaft rotation 90° with supplementary rotation about 30° for closing (total about 120°)

SDT 12÷36 kV - short time current 20 kA x 1 sec., three pole earthing switches

• the standard version is foreseen for vertical installation
• no maintenance required
• frame made of punched-bended soldered and shaped steel-sheet
• moving knives with contact pressure assured by springs made of special steel
• anti track epoxy resin insulators by our design
• operating shaft rotation 90°


Fittings on request

Operating mechanism
M transmitted mechanism for wall fixing with rod L=3m.
M1 transmitted mechanism for board fixing with rod L=3m.
M2 direct rotary control by removable lever.
M3 operating mec. by insulating rod (for sdt and sdtc types).

B key-lock on the operating mechanism.
B1 pad –lock on the operating mechanism.
B2 locking electromagnet (for sdt and sdtc types).

Auxiliary contacts
C0 microswitch (for sdt and sdtc types)
C1 multiple switch unit.