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Load break switch

Load break switch SCR Range and SCR-SGV Range with fuses holder

7,2÷24  kV 630 A  16 kA  -  36 kV 400 A  16 kA

In medium voltage load break switches SCR type the arc estinguishment is due to the air-blow generated by three indipendent cilinders with self-blowing pistons, one for phase, which are in axis with
poles; they comply with CEI EN 60265 - 1 and IEC 60694 standards.
Load break switches SCR SGV type comply with CEI EN / IEC 62271-103, 62271-1 and 62271-105. standards.

Standard version is foreseen for vertical installation: operating mechanism is wall fixing, board fixing or hook type.
They are designed and manufactured to carry out high numbers of operations and free maintenance.


LBS SCRT 24 kV are homologated according to Enel DY 511 specification; the motorized version according to DY 515 specification.
LBS SCRT-SGV 24 kV are homologated according to Enel DY 516 specification.

Manufacturing features

Frame is made of punched-bended soldered and shaped steel sheet.
Main moving blades with break-arcing contacts are made of special material and are operated by anti-tracking insulating rods.

Insulators are made of epoxy antitracking resin of our exclusive design.


SCR-T-M motorized load break switch

24 kV indoor motorized MV load break switches SCR-T-M type have the same main, manufacturing and electrical features like SCR range.

Motorization of SCR type has been carried out according to ENEL DY515 specification, with 24 Vcc mechanism, with dead center overcoming, for wall mounted equipments to be fitted inside cabins. They meet the requirements of ENEL DY 515/1 specification (upper earth blade position for overhead lines outgoings) and DY 515/2 ( lower earth blades position for cables outgoings).

They are supplied with push-botton box for local LBS operation, and with 10 m. length multi-poles cable for remote unit connection, feeding power to motorization and all remote controls and signals.