50 years of history

1920    Giulio Primavesi and his partners start operating in the electromechanical filed.
1950    After the II World War the company is re-established over an area of 4000 sqm with 200 workers.
1962    IME SpA is founded in Urgnano (BG).
1991    Acquisition of the company Elettromeccanica Duestelle.
1993    First achievement of the Quality Certificate ISO.
2006    The process of internationalisation starts, Imeromelettrica Srl is opened in Romania.
2010    IME achieves the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification.
2012    IME celebrates 50 years!

“They were years of great ferment, the industrial growth of a company always involves important choices, especially with regard to a constant reorganization to adapt to the needs of a constantly evolving market, ”explains Eng. Franco Primavesi"    Read the complete interview...