Combined SF6 insulated circuit breaker with switch anc vacuum breaker



The Sinter combined switches are made with the use of vacuum arcing chambers and offer all the typical characteristics of the circuit-breakers with this technology:

- high number of operations,

- long electrical life,

- complete reliability,

- no need for inspection and of maintenance.

What distinguishes the SINTER equipment from the traditional disconnection and interruption systems, is the realization, in a single stainless steel casing insulated in SF6 gas, of the interruption and sectioning functions.

This solution allows to have a compartment with a width of 500 mm compared to the 700 mm sections, normally designed for traditional construction.

Furthermore, this allows to have much more space for housing the cable terminals with respect to a compartment in which there is an isolation isolator and a conventional switch.

Combined and integrated sensors for voltage and current can also be used to ensure, in association with the electronic relays, the multiple functions required by Smart Grids.

The interlocks between the isolation isolator and the circuit-breaker are housed in the same control, which allows greater operating reliability.

The SINTER circuit-breaker has been approved by Enel according to the DY800 specification, overcoming the particularly demanding tests requested by Enel for a double electric life, ie by repeating twice the electrical life tests required by the CEI EN 62271-100 product standard; at the end of the tests, an impulse isolation test was carried out successfully.