Measures & Tests

Imemont srl has developed in measurements and test department a focused organization to offer skilled technical assistance to comply with all standards, particularly with D.M. n°37/08 and D.LGS. n°81/08.

In this field Imemont srl performs:
• verification of the first installation of electrical systems;
• measurement of earth resistance and soil resistivity;
• verification of the continuity of the protective circuits and bonding;
• voltage measurement step and touch;
• verification of the coordination of protection of circuits with fault loop impedance measurement;
• verification of operation of protection relays with dedicated measurement benches;
• study selectivity and calibration protections;
• checking operation of switches and differentials;
• LV and MV isolation measures;
• verification of protection from lightnings;
• inspections with infrared camera for the plants’ thermography .

The company disposes of all necessary equipments to carry on installations and relevant tests, as special vehicles with elevators, hydraulic platform, scaffolding, moving bridges, enlocs for buildings offices and equipped workshop, generators, winches, instruments for tests and measurements