Imequadri Duestelle has the following approvals:


DY808 Measure transformer SF6 insulated MV switchboard

DY800 Minibloc-6 with combined circuit breaker SINTER 

DY803 Minibloc-6 with load break switch RI6Q

DY400 Rotobloc I e Rotobloc TM   with rotary break switch RI

DY806 and DY807 RI6 SF6 outdoor load break switch

DY515 and DY516 SCR Load break switch

DY770 and DY780 primary cabins  prefabricated substation

DY696 compact primary cabins 24 kW air insulated with vacuum circuit breakers in vertical translation.


Minibloc-6 conforms GHOST, GHOST and GHOST 1516.3-96 specifications.