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Combined circuit breaker

Sinter range with SF6 switch and vacuum breaker for Minibloc-6 switchboard

24 kV - 400÷630 A - 12,5÷16 kA and 25 kA

Sinter combined circuit breaker is in compliance with Enel DY800 Ed.1-2005

Electric arc breaking

Sinter circuit breakers are indeed a combined system of breaking and switching, inside a single SF6 insulated enclosure, with pressure lower than 0.5 bar at 45 °C.
Vacuum bottles are used for breaking. As known, the reduced necessary Energy for vacuum arc extinguishment, enables to reach a long-lasting electrical life (10.000 rated breaking current operations).

Sinter complies with the CEI EN / IEC 62271-100, 62271-1, 62671-102 standards.


Apparatus operating mechanism
Mobile contacts run and shorter moving bulk (compared to other breaking technologies) enable using much reduced closing and opening powers. These features assure a limited wear of moving parts but allow on the contrary a high number of mechanical operations without maintenance (10.000 operations). SINTER circuit breakers are fitted with Energy storage mechanical control granting a very fast operation, out of operator’s will and well fitted with a wide accessories range, to be easily mounted, able to satisfy all market expectations.

Apparatus structure
The whole active elements complex (circuit breaker and main switch) are inside an heavy metallic stainless steel structure filled with a huge dielectric SF6 gas.The structure is life-sealed and is holding 6 bushings and an operating mechanism. The heavy structure grants stoutness and time-life reliability.